2J Diagnostics: Magento Caching


2J Diagnostics: Magento Caching

A lot of our customers contact us for help on their front-end content. You often find you go in to change/update something on your store, click save, but then when you go to check it on the website, it’s not there. Naturally, you’re going to be concerned about this.

Don’t panic...

The likelihood is, you haven’t done anything wrong. You just need to clear your Magento cache.

When you visit a website, that site is cached in your browser - stored temporarily to speed up load times. This works by the browser only looking for the files that have changed since you last visited the site, which reduces bandwidth on both the viewer’s and server’s side.
As important as having the cache there in a browser is, it’s also important to have the cache cleared every so often to clear up your space and to remove old stored websites you won’t visit frequently, or ever again. It’s also useful to clear it every so often just incase a fresh version of the changes has not been correctly downloaded the next time you visit a page. This is particularly important for sites you visit two or three times a day - mainly your own.

Magento Cache is quite similar to this - having it enabled makes things faster in the backend. But if you’ve made a lot of changes all after the other and then saved to see it on the front end, it may not all appear at once, because a previous version has been cached.
This is the most common reason as to why a change might not be appearing on the front end of your website, when you can see it in the admin, so it’s worth noting how to clear it as a first pass as fixing the problem.

For Magento 2:

  1. Log into your Magento Admin
  2. Go to system on the left hand menu
  3. Go to Cache Management under Tools
  4. You can flush the whole cache, but it is advised that you only refresh the individual cache types you have been editing, e.g. the layout of the blocks html.
  5. You can then refresh the Magento cache for items with the Magento tag alone and flush the storage cache for all items.
The Cache Management link is located under Settings > Tools.

The Cache Management link is located under Settings > Tools.

You can select individual cache types, or Flush all.

You can select individual cache types, or Flush all.

For Magento 1:
Log into your Magento Admin
Go to System in the nav bar and select Cache Management from the dropdown.
Click the ‘flush Cache Management’

Where possible, find the individual element you need to refresh, and flush just that section. This will help with the speed of your site.

If you’ve made changes to do with your product pricing, you may need to re-index, which we will cover in our next article, so stay tuned.

Not fixed the problem? You may need to talk to your development team. We offer support contracts to suit all budgets. Talk to us today.

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Our New Magento Module - Index Management

Our New Magento Module - Index Management

We’re very happy to announce the launch of our new Magento Marketplace module ''Index Management'' by 2J Commerce.
The module gives admin users the ability to reindex all or individual indexers manually from the Magento admin panel so they can see catalog changes immediately on the front end. It also adds a configuration setting to increase the PHP memory limit for the stores.

Magento Merchants making frequent changes to their stores need to be able to see their changes on the front end of their site. On Magento 2, this is done by reindexing; either by using the shell command, or through the cron schedules. This can only be done if you know how to setup a cron schedule or run a shell command. You also need to have the right access, which can pose a problem for Ecommerce teams making changes to their catalog data when they don’t necessarily have the skillset of a developer to hand.
'Index Management'' by 2J Commerce enables Admin users to manually run individual, selected, or all indexers through the Admin configuration with one click; without the command lines or waiting for the cron to run. This helps store owners and Ecommerce teams to see their changes immediately on the front end. 
The module also allows the PHP memory limit to be exceeded from the Admin configuration. This should be handled carefully, as increasing the memory to a certain extent can result in memory issues on the stores.  
Following the simple user interface, the installation and code structure makes this module easy to implement and use for Magento 2 store owners.

Please note: This is not necessarily the best solution for M2 merchants as triggering too many reindexes can generate problems on the front end of your store. The load can sometimes cause the site to crash temporarily. It is always advisable that merchants use the command line for reindexing where possible. This extension is to allow specific indexers to be reindexed from the admin when changes need to show on the store front when it is not possible to use the command line or cron schedule.

You can check out our module here.

If you need it, we can build it. Let’s Talk…

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Do you need an app?

Do you need an app?

You’ve probably seen that Digital Agencies tend to bang on quite a bit about mobile phones and their role in the eCommerce sector, and for good reason. Mobiles make up a massive chunk of the market.

So how do people shop on mobiles? They often browse reactively - from an advert they have seen whilst on the go, or when they are sat on the bus and suddenly realise they didn’t buy their wife a birthday card (whatever, I’m over it).

Some of these mobile purchases are done through apps - especially from well established online marketplaces such as Very, eBay and Amazon. The idea is theoretically sound - an app on your mobile screen to enable customers to buy straight from your store, with no need to search or type urls into a browser. However, it may not be for everyone.

Apps really took off in 2008, when the Apple Store opened up, and people have been churning them out ever since. You name it, there is quite literally an ‘app for that’, heck, you can even buy diamonds through an app now. Recently though, the app has been on the decline, with the average mobile owner in the USA downloading 0 apps per month according to ComScore’s study on app use. The profit from app production has reduced by 20% in the last year; the market is just too saturated.

App Downloads went down to less than one per month in 2014 for over 65% of users.

App Downloads went down to less than one per month in 2014 for over 65% of users.

That does not mean to say there isn’t money being made via apps anymore. Uber and Snapchat had their users increase by over 100% last year, and Facebook still has over 1.5 billion users. But these are established names in the app world, and the fresh new idea is becoming increasingly harder to find, as it’s usually already been done.

So creating a new app to provide a specific service is probably not on the top of the priority list right now, but what in-app purchases?

Regardless of the decline in new apps, according to smartinsights.com, 90% of our mobile time is spent on an app, but this doesn’t necessarily mean we are buying through them. Their research also shows only 26% of online purchases are through an app, with the top three sectors of these purchases being finance, electronics, and beauty. There are many reasons people don’t buy from apps. Business Insider UK say that people are put off from buying on apps, usually because they prefer the actual website anyway.

It’s not all doom and gloom for apps. Many people often frequent their favourite brand’s apps for purchases. It again, comes down to the reward you’ll get for the effort required. If you’re familiar with roadmapping, you’ll have heard of the effort:impact scale before, and it needs to be applied to the app question.

For new project ventures, the aim is to get as close to the top left box as possible. The least amount of effort for the most impact on your business is the first thing to start with, and develop from there, so the question is, where does the app fit in this grid?

If you’re in fashion or you’re a well known brand, an app will probably generate a lot of impact, but that doesn’t factor in the effort required, and it probably won’t generate a lot of impact at all for SMEs who sell construction tools. There are a few things to consider when deciding if an app is the right step for your business:

Will people find my app?

Will people searching for your products look for you in an app store? If they are on your site and get notified of an app, are they the type of people who will download it to use in future? If they see it on the site, thy’ve probably already committed to purchasing at that point, so is it really needed?

Do you get repeat custom?

An app is very handy for companies with repeat customers or a brand-loyal customer base. If you sell products people will buy again and again, you’re more likely to benefit from an app compared to a company with a lot of single-purchase customers.

How will people search my products? 

If your customers visit your site through searches, or come across your site via lead generation, and not specifically searching for your business, you may create more of an impact on your business by making sure your site is accessible across all devices, and is clear and simple to navigate.

An app is definitely beneficial to some businesses, and it can generate a lot of repeat custom if it’s something people will use regularly. But the reality is, for many companies, having a mobile site that is not just visually stunning, but easy to use on the go as well, is a smaller effort for a larger impact.

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Introducing Magento Upgrade 2.1.8

Introducing Magento Upgrade 2.1.8

Today Magento released a new update: Magento 2.1.8

This version has over 100 improvements across Magento Commerce, and Magento Open Source, ranging from small bugs to catalog and mass action improvements. 

The highlights for this release across all platforms include:


  • Increased Site Performance, specifically with improvements to:
    • Elasticsearch function
    • Indexing large catalogs
    • Cache tuning
    • URL-rewrites
    • Reduced JS in the checkout
  • Enhanced optimisation by using less memory for mass actions
  • Enhancements to static content deployment
  • Faster cloud deployments for multilingual sites

You can see the full release notes on the Magento Dev Docs.

As well as the functional fixes to the platforms, the release notes feature more fixes for the Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition) than ever before, with fixers accredited to the users who provided them. Users can now contribute to additional fixes provided in updates by pull requests from the community, so the software is now more inclusive than ever. Users can submit fixes for Magento to review through the Community Engineering Programme.

We recommend keeping your Magento site updated with the latest releases, as they often include small bug fixes as well as increased performance of your store. Our founder and Chief Technical Officer, Jamie Jackson, says:

“With every Magento release we expect a whole load of improvements, this release we strongly feel does just that.

“The performance of the checkout in Magento 2 is a common talking point - 2.1.8 contains adjustments to the checkout that improve the checkout speed by removing unused Widget JS, Widget Configuration, and regions based on your stores configuration to reduce asset load on checkout pages. This is something we have spent a lot of time reviewing and submitted a number of suggestions to Magento so we are extremely please to see this in the release.

“With over 100 fixes and some key performance improvements around caching and indexing, this is certainly an upgrade we would recommend.”.


Introducing 2J Diagnostics!

Introducing 2J Diagnostics!

Let’s face it, unless you’re a developer, or you’re really experienced in eCommerce, managing a website can be terrifying. Even with experience, sometimes it’s still not an easy job. At 2J Commerce, we have a fully dedicated support team on hand to help our clients with any problems they might encounter when updating their Magento stores. 
Sometimes, our customers don’t always realise that they have the ability to fix many issues they come across without needing to eat into a support budget. You might even have a stand-alone system maintained in house, but there have probably still been occasions where a bump gets hit along the road.

We are here to help!

Over the next few months, we’ll be posting articles featuring diagnostics for the most common problems our clients face when managing their Magento sites. This can be anything from the reason your content isn’t showing front end, down to Welcome to 2J Diagnostics!

If you have a particular issue you’d like more information on, contact us today.

Need Support? Let’s Talk...

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The World at their fingertips - Will they find you?

The World at their fingertips - Will they find you?

UK shoppers are set to spend £27bn through their mobile phones this year. Over 75% of shoppers who visit physical stores use their mobile phones at the same time to assist with their shopping; either for looking at other product options, comparing prices to other stores, or searching for specific products in store. The phone has officially taken over as the most used device for online shopping. 

When the world of eCommerce first took off, a lot of companies put a lot of effort into making amazing desktop sites. After all, this would be the virtual representation of their physical stores, so it’s extremely important to replicate the shopper experience and retain their customer base. 
And the effort paid off. In the UK alone, we’re now set to spend £67bn online this year, all from the comfort of our sofas… or so it was.

Now, we buy on the tube, on the train, on the bus. We buy when we’re at work pretending to write really long emails. We buy at 3am sat in bed when our newborn Will. Not. Go. To. Sleep. The mobile phone is the new 24/7 store front.

More and more of us are shopping on the go.

More and more of us are shopping on the go.

The problem is, the experience is not the same. Mobile sites can be over-crowded, unclear and unoptimised. There has been so much time and effort getting the online store right for desktop, it is, understandably, quite often too much of a task to do it again for the mobile. For many SME companies, the budget often gets called into question. “Why do we need to spend money on another site?” It frequently comes down to affordability.  

Perhaps the question should be: Can you afford not to be taking your share of a 27 billion pound pie? 

For new companies, or those new to eCommerce, it’s much easier to get ahead on mobile devices, because there’s no existing design to work to. You get a clean slate and can build around the mobile experience. But for all online stores, the end result needs to be the same: the best possible mobile experience for better conversions and better business. The average conversion rate for mobile sites last year was 1.51% - half of that on desktop, so there is vast scope for improving the user experience on mobile here.

So what do you look at when you shop on your mobile? What makes you buy from one site instead of the other? Here are some points to consider when looking at the mobile layout:

Opposable thumbs
They aren’t just for holding spears anymore. When you browse a site on your mobile, if you’re on the go, you tend to scroll up and down with your thumb as you hold the device; freeing up the other hand. So call to actions are best used along the arch of a thumb. When you factor in the height of a smartphone, and the length of an average thumb, you’re probably looking at the bottom two thirds of the screen along an arch from the middle to the edge.
If you’re stationary whilst browsing, you tend to scroll with your finger in the middle of the screen, so buttons along that line could get pressed accidentally, which leads to user frustration. 

Screen size
Phones now tend to be long and thin, and where people would previously rotate the phone so it is landscape, it’s becoming less and less of a thing the less we stop still to buy, so think about stacking your content with the most important stuff at the top. Your images sell your products on mobile, because people first and foremost want to see what they are buying. We hold a phone and we’ve literally got the world at our fingertips, so your products should be the first thing a customer sees so they don’t get distracted.

Information overload
If you try and condense everything on a page at desktop into a mobile site, and then try to digest everything, you can see how easy it is for users to become overwhelmed and frustrated. The whole idea behind buying on your mobile phone is convenience. Customers need the essential information then and there so they can buy the product and be on their way; like a Drive Thru. Banners that look enticing and attractive on a desktop or a service counter very often just get in the way on a mobile screen, and often stack over the top of things a customer really needs to see instead. Think about the first thing you want a busy customer to see when they land on your page in order for them to be convinced to buy. If they’ve only got a few minutes, your site needs to enable them to buy your product in that time.

Speed is key
Wi-fi hotspots aren’t always the speediest. Add that to a badly optimised mobile site and you’ve got sites moving slower than the M1 at rush hour. (Don’t shop and drive folks). Back in the day, it used to be one site for desktops and another for mobile. Nowadays, it’s standard practice to have one responsive site across all devices, so all content is managed from one place. This can be a problem on mobiles, because sites can often try to load desktop-sized content onto a hand-sized device. Having a site optimised for mobile is essential to increase loading speeds on the go.

The world of mCommerce is only going to get bigger, and customers expect more and more from virtual stores whilst on the go. Your business could be missing out on thousands - literally.
Our design team is highly experienced with mobile websites and mCommerce. Talk to us today to get your business mobile-friendly. 


Feeling inspired? Talk to us today about your new mobile store with Magento and 2J Commerce.

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The Best of British Belts

The Best of British Belts

Introducing the new British Belt Company website on Magento 2.

Meeting with the British Belt team at their offices, you’re instantly hit with the smell of leather. The rooms are a hive of activity, as there’s a shoot for the latest product range. In the corner sits a plush leather armchair and an umbrella bucket set in a staging that wouldn’t look out of place next to a roaring fire in a country inn. And then you’ve got the products themselves; showcasing the best in British style for Bags, Belts and Braces. We knew this was going to be a great project.

The new site was to be heavily image based to promote not only their products, but their style as well. It was clear we needed to create an accessible site, with a clear RTP for maximum conversion, but also to have space to exhibit the creativity of the company. We aimed to create a store that would allow British Belts to customise their content, allow customers to shop through ranges based on their own preferences, and sell into not just the UK, but the US and Europe too.



The finished product is a clean cut platform with a discover section for style content, care guide and media features. There’s a new Mega Menu for the store categories and the new filtering tool allows for customised options based on customer choice; giving a unique experience for each visitor to the store. There’s also a trade site for wholesale clients managed in the same place for ease, but kept separate for a cleaner customer experience.

Browse their selection at www.thebritishbeltcompany.co.uk


2J Commerce Aquire Equinox.ie to expand irish presence.

2J Commerce Aquire Equinox.ie to expand irish presence.

The start of 2017 couldn't be more exciting for 2J Commerce. Having signed agreements at the start of this week we are extremly pleased to announce the aquisition of Irish Magento Agency "Equinox.ie".

Equinox will continue to run as its own brand and with the support of the 2J Group to aid growth and firmly establish itself as a leading tech partner in Dublin.

The takeover was completed at the start of January and a new team are in place in the offices at the sought after location of "The Digital Hub" in the heart of Dublin.

Set within stunning surrounds of the Guinness Storehouse with superb conference and meeting facilities the Equinox and 2J teams will work closely together to firmly establish Equinox as a leading partner in ireland.

An introduction to the fresh new face of equinox.
Darren Bull will head up the operation in Ireland and comes with 20 years experience in digital and having lead many innovative ecommerce project in the U.K, he is going to be leading the way from the Dublin office and bringing his expertise and strategy knowledge to the Equinox brand.

Jamie, the founder of 2J Commerce says…
We are super exciting to take 2J to Dublin and add Eqiunix to the the Group.
2J already have a strong and respected presence in Ireland and this further goes to prove the opportunity that the tech hub of Dublin has to offer and we fully plan to take the Irish market by storm

Lots of changes will be happening and new job opportunties in Dublin so keep a check on www.equinox.ie for more news, events and careers.

A look back at 2016 and what to look forward to in 2017!


A look back at 2016 and what to look forward to in 2017!

Well, the year has come to a close for 2J Commerce as our team puts in the final few hours of hard work ready for the Christmas shutdown. So, we felt this was a great opportunity to reflect on 2016 and sum up the changes and progress 2J Commerce have made. It's been a great year!

We started 2016 with plans to grow steadily as we have done year on year, maintaining our 'work to grow philosophy' without any external investment or debt. Well, we certainly achieved this with exceptional results and growth whilst still maintaining this strategy.

So what has happened this year, lets list a few major changes we have made.

• Magento 2 trained solution partner - With the official release of Magento 2, our team quickly jumped on the program and became one of the first partners to join the official M2 certified partner program.

• Launch of Cadbury Gifts Direct - One of the most technically challenging but also rewarding projects in 2J history, the launch of the www.cadburygiftsdirect.co.uk website was certainly one of the years highlights, featuring a fully custom built personalisation system and high level checkout on Magento Enterprise.

Move to Magento Gold Partner - After the successful launch of the Cadbury Gifts Direct project, 2J Commerce joined the Magento Gold Partner program (Now re-branded to Magento Enterprise Partner) after been recognised in the top 3 performing partners for 2015 - 2016 year.

• New board of directors - In July this year, 2J had a change in its board of directors, with 1 existing director moving away from the business and 3 new directors joining to aid with growth and strategy.

• London office secured - With the increase in demand from the Capital City, 2J Commerce secured office space in a key area of London within walking distance of Kings Cross / St Pancreas Station.

• 2J become an LLP - In August this year, 2J took the decision to move our business model to an LLP, this means all employees are now partners of 2J and have a vested interest in the growth of the company.

• New Project Management / Operations team lead recruited - Shortly after the board change and move to LLP, we recruited a very talented Project Manager whose job was simply to build a powerful Project team and change the way we handle and manage all projects.

• Launch of the first UK Magento Enteprise Cloud sites - We have always tried to be at the forefront of new Magento technology and once the Enterprise Cloud was announed it was our goal to be a leader in this field. We were very excited to launch one of the first UK only based merchants on Magento Enterprise Cloud and see the exceptional performance it offered. Soak&Sleep saw instant improvement in page speeds by around 6 seconds per page after making the move to Magento Enteprise Cloud. We can also confirm 2J will be launching 3 new Cloud projects early 2017 which firmly puts us as the leading Magento 2 Cloud partner from around the world.

• New Project Management Team - From August the new PM team was created with code name 'Gateway' This team has grown in a few short months and now boasts 10 members which includes; 5 highly experienced Project Managers including 1 Certified Scrum Master, 2 Project Co-ordinators and 3 Support Co-ordinators, with plans to further increase this team from Jan 2017 you can be sure your project is in very good hands.

• Adopting Agile - Still the final pieces of the puzzle are been implemented but we are now fully immersed in Agile. Our team have had extensive training and loving this new approach to Project management as are our merchants.

• DEA Award Winners - Winning the DEA Award for 'Consumer engagement of the year' was certainly a year highlight. To be selected out of all the entries specially by the Judges really is an achivement the whole team are very proud of.

• New finance / office administrator recruited - With the ever increasing portfolio of merchants and demand on financial administration, our latest recruit joined the 2J team in October 2016 to strengthen the day to day management of the administration and finance tasks.

• Dublin office approved - What better way to end the year than on a high, it was an exciting announcement for us here at 2J, already having a strong Irish portfolio, agreeing terms on an office in the sought after location of 'The Digital Hub' has ended the year perfectly for us.

This is a short run down of my highlights from 2016, so we are all very excited to enter 2017 with what we believe is an extremly strong foundation and first class team between all our office locations, UK, Ireland, India.

We look forward to working with you in 2017!!

Jamie Jackson


New office opening January 2017 - Dublin, Ireland

New office opening January 2017 - Dublin, Ireland

Today we are very excited to announce that 2J Commerce have secured our new office space in Dublin, Ireland!

This is a great move for 2J, who already have a strong portfolio of Irish clients including O'Neills International Sports and Munster Joinery.

2J Commerce will be the only Magento Enterprise (Gold) Partner with offices based in Ireland, and welcome enquiries from companies looking to make the upgrade or move to Magento 2.

The new offices will open early January 2017 and will be in the sought after location of 'The Digital Hub' near the heart of the city. The offices are set within the Guinness Store House, just out of Dublin centre. This is a great location with multiple meeting and breakout areas, plus Guinness been brewed right next door (What more could we ask for?).

We will slowly build the 2J team in Dublin over the next 12 months, and welcome enquiries from all across Ireland.

We will post more information early January on this exciting expansion for 2J Commerce.... So if you would like to discuss your Magento 2 project, or simply want to come and see us and sample a good old Guinness, call us on: +35315314586.

We will be exhibiting at Pure London

We will be exhibiting at Pure London

We are pleased and excited to be exhibiting at the famous Pure London, held from the 12th to the 14th of February 2017 at the London Olympia Exhibition Centre. This event will gather professionals from a wide variety of fields, including fashion, healthcare, education, but also technology, media and creative industries. Having the chance to exhibit alongside industry leaders from such a great diversity of areas is a delight for us, and we are looking forward to meeting colleagues and make new connections. 

You will be able to find us at Stand H51, so why not come by and say hello? Let us talk to you about what magento has to offer and why we think it is the #1 ecommerce solution.

Be sure to check http://www.purelondon.com/ for more information. 

The award goes to 2J

The award goes to 2J

We are delighted to be awarded for all of our hard work, this past year. We are fortunate enough to have been nominated for ECOMMERCE DEVELOPER OF THE YEAR as well as DIGITAL ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR by https://www.digital-entrepreneur.co.uk/ , however we have won the CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT AWARD for the amazing work our team has done for Cadbury's Gifts Direct. This award comes as a testament to the fact that we have grown and developed beyond anything we thought possible not so long ago, and the journey we've been on so far is equally as rewarding as our win.

Thank you all our existing customers and partners  for your continued business and thank you our amazing team for all your hard work and support! 

We're Hiring Now

We're Hiring Now

We currently have vacancies for a Project Manager and Finance Administrator in our Sheffield Office.

To apply for either role please email craig@2jcommerce.com with a copy of your CV and a cover letter explaining why you would be ideal for the role!

Magento Enterprise Cloud

Magento Enterprise Cloud

There is no better sign of commitment to a project than seeing one of our teams holding their morning stand up in the rain outside because the Scrum leader wanted to get some fresh air.  When we said Magento Enterprise Cloud we didn’t mean they had to literally stand under a rain cloud.


Thats commitment for you !

ecommerce Expo Day 1 - Alongside M2E

ecommerce Expo Day 1 - Alongside M2E

This year’s eCommerce Expo at Olympia London reunites eCommerce professionals from areas such as Marketing, Customer service, Payment and Platforms, Delivery, Logistics, making it one of the greatest events for the eCommerce community this year, while at the same time being an exploration of a real customer journey from conversion to customer retention. 

Being present at the Expo is a great opportunity for 2J to work along side industry leading professionals and we are proud to be side by side with Alex and his team at M2E.  

We are happy to showcase our services which make us a leading Magento Solution Partner within the UK, so if you want to meet us, get to know our principles, or if you just want to say hello, Craig will meet you at stand E500 on the 28th and 29th September.

Taking a Stand!

Taking a Stand!

2J Commerce is pleased to be exhibiting at the eCommerce Expo at Olympia London on the 28th and 29th September so why not come and say hi?  Be sure to visit http://www.ecommerceexpo.co.uk/ for more information.

We will be on hand to review your commerce needs and tell you more about Magento, what it has to offer and why we think it is an industry leading ecommerce platform. 

For Chocolate Lovers Everywhere

For Chocolate Lovers Everywhere

2J commerce is delighted to launch the new Cadbury Gifts Direct website www.cadburysgiftsdirect.co.uk.

Working closely with the CGD team we have developed industry leading personalisation functionality to deliver a new experience for personalising their products, pick and mix and hampers.  The whole focus of the user experience was to target the gifting and seasonal markets to personalise chocolate bars, gifts and enable the creation of custom hampers.

Behind the scenes, a key focus was the delivery of a rapid fulfilment process with minimum admin. By developing a set of highly specialist modules we were able to deliver a complex split checkout process, full integration with Irongate for complex fulfilment scenarios, full personalisation using the bespoke Cadbury Fonts (complete with on brand curve) and a highly technical integration with Khaos Control Order Management & Warehouse System.

Considering the complexity of the task in hand delivery a fully responsive solution of this scale is something the whole team is exceptionally proud of. CDG customers are now free to delight Mums, Dads, Teachers and chocolate lovers worldwide with truly personal gifts that show just how a leading brand and Magento can combine to create an awesome website.

See www.cadburysgiftsdirect.co.uk

And ....The Award Goes To

And ....The Award Goes To

It's another great excuse for a team outing on November the 9th November 2016 see https://www.digital-entrepreneur.co.uk/.

2J are delighted to have been shortlisted for ECOMMERCE DEVELOPER OF THE YEAR with https://www.cadburygiftsdirect.co.uk and our founder for DIGITAL ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR due to our high growth and success at becoming one of the UK's leading Magento Enterprise Partners.

We will keep you posted shortly after the event and would like to thank all of our existing customers for their continued support and ongoing business.