Jamie is our Founder, Visionary and Tech Lead. Jamie's experience spans over 17 years working on all types of projects from small websites to full custom developments, marketing, SEO and strategy. Often called upon to consult for various clients for his high level Magento knowledge. Now seen as one of the most experienced Magento 2 specialists in the Industry.

"I started working with Magento just after it was launched around 2008, over that time I have discovered best practices and continue to drive our team to be the best in the industry, since the launch of Magento 2 the team have really been pushed to jump in and ensure 2J are ahead of the game. Now with more Magento 2 cuilds under out belt than any other agency we are looking forward to an exciting future with Magento"

How i got into the industry (The short version):

As with most people serving a long time in this industry I fell into the internet world in its early days when uploading websites took hours on a dial up connection fighing with my parents over the use of the phone line, the sound of "Jamie I need to use the phone get off the internet" will live with me forever. I remember the day when broadband was introduced and what a revolution that was.

It all started when I passed my driving test and been unable to afford car insurance. I contacted my driving instructor to ask what advanced driving courses were available to reduce the insurance. He said "You should do pass plus it costs £140" my instant reply was I can't afford that, how about I built you a website, he replied "Didnt know you did that" I had played around on the internet a lot and started to develop a real interest in it. I said "I don't but Ill learn and make you one" Many hours and late nights, I managed to build my first website in return for my Pass Plus. Much to my amazement this site is still there today (http://www.stuartnelson.20m.com/Index.htm) check that out and have a laugh.

This was it, I had the bug and continued to build a few small sites using dreamweaver and learing coding day by day. After a few years of building small websites for £99 per site I started to explore other technologies and moved into PHP / MySQL development.

Working in various sectors and building some 'intersting' sites I eventaully found my way into eCommerce. Building the first site from scratch in PHP and then moving around platforms such as OSCommerce, Zencart, Cube Cart plus many more. Eventaully in 2008 working with a few indian developers (Who still work for me today) we discovered Magento. The team then was 2 developers and me, after about 8 months we launched our first Magento website. Suprisingly this site is still live and exactly the same as it was when we built it. After the site launched I realised this was the platform for me and one I would put my heart and sole into for the forseable future.

It was a very slow start but eventaully the leads started flooding in due to some high google rankings as there wasn't much competition in the market. The next few years were slow moving, building a few Magento sites a year slowing establising my relationship with the Indian developers and realising there was much more out there.

Around 5 years ago, after a very nervous decision I realised it was time to start an agency and do this full time, so we took on the first Designer. The next 5 years I could have never predicted. We grew the team from just me, a designer and 3 indian developers to now 14 staff in the UK and 40 developers in our own company in India and the original developers are still with me now who built the first Magento site.

Last year when Magento 2 was announced I jumped straight in and insisted the developers started to learn as this was going to be the next big move in eCommerce. A painful start and hard learing curve, one which many Magento agencies are still to take the leap has now secured us a place firmly in the market as the leading Magento 2 agency in the UK.

I am very proud of what our team has achieved and extremly excited for the years to come. Our focus still remains 100% on the magento platform and ensuring we are a leader in the field. Been asked by Magento to become an Enterprise Gold Partner and winning the DEA awards for Consumer Engagement of the year are 2 things I will treasure for a long time.

This is a very short version of the past 17 years, if you want to here more of the ups and downs, mistakes I have made and lessons I have learnt I would be happy to share it. Find me on linkedin here and feel free to ask me more: