2J commerce is delighted to launch the new Cadbury Gifts Direct website www.cadburysgiftsdirect.co.uk.

Working closely with the CGD team we have developed industry leading personalisation functionality to deliver a new experience for personalising their products, pick and mix and hampers.  The whole focus of the user experience was to target the gifting and seasonal markets to personalise chocolate bars, gifts and enable the creation of custom hampers.

Behind the scenes, a key focus was the delivery of a rapid fulfilment process with minimum admin. By developing a set of highly specialist modules we were able to deliver a complex split checkout process, full integration with Irongate for complex fulfilment scenarios, full personalisation using the bespoke Cadbury Fonts (complete with on brand curve) and a highly technical integration with Khaos Control Order Management & Warehouse System.

Considering the complexity of the task in hand delivery a fully responsive solution of this scale is something the whole team is exceptionally proud of. CDG customers are now free to delight Mums, Dads, Teachers and chocolate lovers worldwide with truly personal gifts that show just how a leading brand and Magento can combine to create an awesome website.

See www.cadburysgiftsdirect.co.uk