There are many data collection and analysis tools out there for businesses nowadays. We collect more data than ever before in the bid to target our marketing campaigns to the customer base that will generate the most revenue.

Businesses who use Analytics 5X more likely to make decisions much faster than their competition, which in the world of eCommerce, puts them ahead of the pack for winning the custom. Knowing your audience, best customers and how they shop is crucial for online retailers, but unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as collecting information and sticking it in a graph.

Collecting a lot of data, especially when it is collected and stored in various different places, can sometimes be a daunting thing. This is why Magento Business Intelligence is such a game changer for Magento Merchants.

Magento BI gathers all data from your Extensions, Database, and Integrations and consolidates it into one hub so you don’t have to.

The key features of the Essentials Edition include:

  • 5 pre-built dashboards comprising 75 reports

  • Email summaries

  • SQL report builder and visual report builder. The ability to create and edit reports

  • Data from Magento and Google Analytics

  • Export raw underlying data to CSV and Excel

  • 10 user accounts with advanced user permissions

The whole idea being the new Magento Commerce Platform is that it grows as you grow, so you don’t have to sign up for tools you don’t need straight away. For SMEs and Start Ups, you can start with the Essentials Edition and progress up to the Pro version when you and your business is ready for it. The Essentials Edition is only $100 per month, moving to $500 per month when you upgrade to the Pro version. The additional spend gives you much more depth and scope. Here’s an excerpt from the Magento BI download to highlight the differences in price plan:

Anything that makes data analysis easier for merchants can only be a good thing in our book, and this new tool will certainly improve the way eCommerce businesses on Magento gather information. Knowing how customers browse and purchase online will enable businesses to make smarter choices moving forward, so it’s a great new feature for the Magento platform.