Magento aren’t showing any signs of slowing down towards the end of this year. As we enter the final quarter of what has been an incredible 12 months for the platform and its users, Magento have announced they will now split the new Magento Commerce cloud system into two channels: the Magento Commerce Professional Edition (formerly the Magento Commerce Cloud Edition), and the Magento Commerce Starter Edition.

The Professional Edition still has all the features of the previous Cloud Edition, but for smaller and start-up companies, the new Starter Edition offers cloud hosting at a more affordable price point.

Magento Commerce Starter Edition will be available to companies who meet the following criteria:

  • Less than $10 million USD in revenue per year

  • Have less than 50,000 complex SKUS

  • Have five or less store-fronts or domains

The cost for this new plan will start $1999 per month compared to the usual $3399. This naturally means there will be some limitations to its users. The main ones being the following:

  • No B2B functionality available out of the box.

  • Magento Business Intelligence. However, this can be added for an additional cost.

  • There will be a shared infrastructure for development and live environments.

CTO Jamie Jackson says: “This is a great move forward for smaller business to reap the rewards of Magento Enterprise on the cloud without a huge price tag.

The enterprise cloud in our opinion is an extremely secure scalable platform which developers love.”

Magento have listed the full plan differences, and our team is fully equipped to support each plan as needed for our clients.