Here are some of Magento's Sucess Stories of 2017 for increased sales after a new Magento launch:

Kurt Geiger

This is a massive name in the shoe industry, with over 240 concession store fronts in the UK.

The website was on Magento 1, and the company looked to progress to the New Magento Commerce Platform.

It was important to create a unique shopping experience for Kurt Geiger customers. They were shopping online, but needed an in store feel. In short, they needed to be able to do everything apart from actually try a shoe on. The detail should make it so that this was not needed.

Factors of the Out of the Box solution that serve the brand in this instance are:

  • Varnish Caching, which makes it easier to maintain the site speed in peak times.

  • Cached modular approach, so different aspects of the site can be worked on without putting the performance as a whole at risk.

  • A scalable order management system that grows the merchant grows.

  • Streamlined checkout page to reduce user clicks to complete purchase. This also massively improved conversions by offering guest checkout.

  • Out of the box themes that can be customised by in-house development teams

  • Modules for new updates to the site to keep it up to date and on trend with the latest technology advances.

Magento Commerce has made it easier for this brand to go further and to get there faster to create a truly unique shopping experience for their customers.


Big Bus Tours

This is the biggest open top bus company in Europe. It operates across 19 Cities in 4 Countries.

They have no fulfilment needs, which is unusual for an eCommerce platform, but their needs were certainly not uncomplex.

This brand needed a site that could operate with multiple languages, and multiple currencies; the long term aim being to center global operations and to expand from the tour ticket industry into the attractions market.

Looking at the site as it was before the move to Magento, Big Bus Tours was behind on the times. They needed a complete transformation.

The new site not only needed to look great, but it was essential that it performed well and looked good on mobile interfaces, as many people book bus tours as they enter the city they are exploring. Ultimately, it needed to be a scalable solution that could grow with the brand, and handle the customer demand.

The end result is extremely impressive. After 8 months of development, Big Bus Tours now operate on the Magento Commerce Platform with 18 stores, all fully responsive, supporting multiple languages and currencies.

Conversion-wise, this is a great success for the tour brand as well as Magento. Here’s the breakdown of the statistics for this brand since migrating to Magento Commerce:

  • Year on year sales increase of 65%

  • Conversion rates are up 50% from the previous year

  • Mobile revenue initially increased by 70%, and is now forecast at a steady year on year growth of 60%

  • SEO is improving by 20% year on year

  • Turnover has gone from £40,000 (November 2016) to £100,000 (May 2017) in just six months

  • Bounce rates have been reduced by 17%

  • Ste traffic is up by 40%

  • Time to purchase has been reduced by 20%

Both brands reported a better experience for their customers once moving to Magento Commerce, and statistics like the ones speak for themselves. You can boost your sales with Magento Commerce.