Introducing the new British Belt Company website on Magento 2.

Meeting with the British Belt team at their offices, you’re instantly hit with the smell of leather. The rooms are a hive of activity, as there’s a shoot for the latest product range. In the corner sits a plush leather armchair and an umbrella bucket set in a staging that wouldn’t look out of place next to a roaring fire in a country inn. And then you’ve got the products themselves; showcasing the best in British style for Bags, Belts and Braces. We knew this was going to be a great project.

The new site was to be heavily image based to promote not only their products, but their style as well. It was clear we needed to create an accessible site, with a clear RTP for maximum conversion, but also to have space to exhibit the creativity of the company. We aimed to create a store that would allow British Belts to customise their content, allow customers to shop through ranges based on their own preferences, and sell into not just the UK, but the US and Europe too.



The finished product is a clean cut platform with a discover section for style content, care guide and media features. There’s a new Mega Menu for the store categories and the new filtering tool allows for customised options based on customer choice; giving a unique experience for each visitor to the store. There’s also a trade site for wholesale clients managed in the same place for ease, but kept separate for a cleaner customer experience.

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