Today Magento released a new update: Magento 2.1.8

This version has over 100 improvements across Magento Commerce, and Magento Open Source, ranging from small bugs to catalog and mass action improvements. 

The highlights for this release across all platforms include:


  • Increased Site Performance, specifically with improvements to:
    • Elasticsearch function
    • Indexing large catalogs
    • Cache tuning
    • URL-rewrites
    • Reduced JS in the checkout
  • Enhanced optimisation by using less memory for mass actions
  • Enhancements to static content deployment
  • Faster cloud deployments for multilingual sites

You can see the full release notes on the Magento Dev Docs.

As well as the functional fixes to the platforms, the release notes feature more fixes for the Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition) than ever before, with fixers accredited to the users who provided them. Users can now contribute to additional fixes provided in updates by pull requests from the community, so the software is now more inclusive than ever. Users can submit fixes for Magento to review through the Community Engineering Programme.

We recommend keeping your Magento site updated with the latest releases, as they often include small bug fixes as well as increased performance of your store. Our founder and Chief Technical Officer, Jamie Jackson, says:

“With every Magento release we expect a whole load of improvements, this release we strongly feel does just that.

“The performance of the checkout in Magento 2 is a common talking point - 2.1.8 contains adjustments to the checkout that improve the checkout speed by removing unused Widget JS, Widget Configuration, and regions based on your stores configuration to reduce asset load on checkout pages. This is something we have spent a lot of time reviewing and submitted a number of suggestions to Magento so we are extremely please to see this in the release.

“With over 100 fixes and some key performance improvements around caching and indexing, this is certainly an upgrade we would recommend.”.