Last week, we covered how to refresh your Magento cache when content isn't pulling through to the front end, but that does not cover the catalog data, such as special pricing. Here’s some information on updating this front end.

So you’re planning a sale, you’ve got all your channels promoting the discount and you’re expecting lots of traffic. Then you realise the special price isn’t showing correctly. Now seems like a good time to panic…

Never Fear! You probably just need to re-index Magento.

I appreciate that to some people, phrases like “you probably just need to re-index Magento”, might as well be “you just need to build an F1 car”, and I am one of those people, but it’s easier that it sounds.

Here’s the background:

Magento stores merchant data (your prices, catalog data, customer data etc) in database tables. This is to improve the speed and performance of the site. Imagine if Magento had to calculate the price of a product, factoring in shipping, discounts, tiered pricing and the rest of the shopping cart each time a product was added to the cart - it would take a while. This would probably lead to users getting frustrated and abandoning their carts.

Every time a price, for example, is changed, Magento will need to be re-indexed so the correct catalog information is stored in those tables. If it’s not re-indexed, the new prices won’t show on the front end, so it’s a handy thing to know how to do if you decide to start a sale at 5am and your support doesn’t kick in till 9.

So what do you need to do?

For Magento 1, you can follow this sequence:

Please note, you will need to be an administrator for this to work, or have the correct access set in your user settings.

  1. Log into the Magento admin

  2. Go to Index Management from the system dropdown

  3. There will more than likely be a message banner at the top left of your admin; telling you that one or more Indexes are not up to date. This is also good to watch out for in general just in case it appears when you’re editing other things in the admin. You can access the index management from the link in this banner as well.

  4. You can either:

    1. Multi-select the indexes and then click re-index data in the action list and click submit


    1. Click the re-index data link in the action column on the right hand side for each index


You should now be able to see the changes to your prices and catalog data on the front end of your site.

You can’t re-index from the admin in Magento 2 as standard, but you can use this handy module we’ve build for this very purpose to make your life a little easier when you’re running promotions. You can check it out here.

We can also install this for you, just drop us a line.

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