Let’s face it, unless you’re a developer, or you’re really experienced in eCommerce, managing a website can be terrifying. Even with experience, sometimes it’s still not an easy job. At 2J Commerce, we have a fully dedicated support team on hand to help our clients with any problems they might encounter when updating their Magento stores. 
Sometimes, our customers don’t always realise that they have the ability to fix many issues they come across without needing to eat into a support budget. You might even have a stand-alone system maintained in house, but there have probably still been occasions where a bump gets hit along the road.

We are here to help!

Over the next few months, we’ll be posting articles featuring diagnostics for the most common problems our clients face when managing their Magento sites. This can be anything from the reason your content isn’t showing front end, down to Welcome to 2J Diagnostics!

If you have a particular issue you’d like more information on, contact us today.

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