Magento release updates to their platform at regular intervals. This can be to fix bug reported in previous versions, or to remove security risks identified by the Magento Community. Your Magento development partner will normally contact you when these are available. Upgrading your store does come with a cost, as it involves development time and testing to deploy, so you’re probably thinking: “Why bother?”

For some releases, it’s true that you probably don’t need to jump straight to the phone and get your team on it. Some are very standard upgrades, and you probably don’t need to upgrade each and every time a new release is available. But there are some times when it’s really important to schedule an upgrade for your site. Our Senior Magento developer, Sagar Kharate, explains why and when it’s important to keep on top of new Magento releases:

“Ideally, Magento users should upgrade whenever there is a new version essential for security purposes. Upgrades also come with lots of bug fixes, so it’s always a good idea to check if the fixes available would help with an issue you might be experiencing on your store.”

The team here at 2J review any new releases from Magento and assess their ‘usefulness’ to our clients. If an upgrade offers a security fix, then it’s always recommended and this is something your team should be looking for when it comes to your Magento store.

You should also discuss any problems you’re experiencing on your store to see if the latest upgrades cover the issue. You could save yourself time and pain if the problem is fixed in a later release.

The last thing to consider when looking at Magento upgrades is how many you can miss without causing problems later on.

It is true that you probably don’t need every upgrade available to you. You can wait and upgrade at a later time without any problems as long as there isn’t a huge gap in releases. Skipping multiple upgrades however, can cause headaches when you do decide to upgrade.

“Third party extensions can sometimes break when there’s a big gap between upgrades, as they aren’t always compatible and need to be updated too.” Says Sagar.

If you’re concerned at all, or if you’re simply not sure about a recent upgrade and whether you need it, it’s always better to talk to your development team, and they can advise you on the best course of action for your business.