In today’s world it’s not enough to just exist online. You need to connect with your users on a level that leaves them wanting more; a reason to buy from you, a reason to be loyal.  

Lets face it, there are a million places prospective customers could buy something very similar or even exactly the same as your product, so you have to show them why they should buy from you. This is where your content comes in, because people buy stories, not products.

Knowing why you sell what you sell, why you do what you do, is often the tipping point in your favour to convince your customers to buy from you, and not your competitors.

Purposeful storytelling in eCommerce is not a new concept, but it is something merchants frequently either misunderstand, or turn into a confusing message for their customers. In this article, our Head of Strategy, Darren Bull, explains how we execute Digital Storytelling effectively, using Magento to give our clients the functionality they need to be able to tell their brand story.

So what is a Brand story?  

It is a message by which you live by, and defines how you connect with your users, and it’s based entirely on WHY you do what you do.

We encourage our clients to be content orientated, and build the tools they need to manage and distribute content through multi-channels to engage on a human level. We do this because people buy stories, not products. Because of this, there is a deeper purpose to your communications. There is heart and purpose to what you do, and this is the brand story that your customers buy into.

Less is more, trust me.

The idea is to promote one message - one story told to everyone everywhere. This is the best way to keep your brand strong across all your platforms, and to encourage everyone to come back to your site to buy, no matter how they come across the content. How you communicate that message however, can vary per customer and platform.

We are exposed to thousands upon thousands of brand messages each day, so making your brand message stand out is not an easy feat. You need to build up a trust with your customers to really make an impact with them. A single message across the board helps with this, because it sticks, and everyone ends up talking about the same thing. This is especially important because the influencers that encourage people to buy a product don’t always come from the brand themselves. With brand messages here, there and everywhere, we’re more likely to buy based on a recommendation from someone we trust.

Think about trust, and what makes you trust a brand. A guy on an advert saying: “This brand rocks!” generates less trust than your friend recommending the same product.

These recommendations have to be brought on by something though, so tie this back to your single message through all channels. 38% of people will recommend a brand they follow on social media, for example, so it’s massively important to push your content actively, rather than hiding it away in a blog simply to be crawled by Google for SEO gains. Your story and your products need to go hand in hand.

And the story isn’t over - the Big Brand Bang

Why stop once the transaction is over? Why stop the story there?

Magento is at the heart of eCommerce, the Platform helps to deliver your story through managed content, and you can keep this content going as long as your business does. Your brand Universe can be constantly expanding, if you tell your story.

Stories make connections to your customers on an authentic level - they are a human connection to one another, which is a lacking factor in online shopping. This is why it is so valuable.

Be genuine with your story. Document your brand journey and continue your story. We are all creating stories just by existing, and this is the kind of content that pushes your brand universe past the transaction point into a lifetime customer for trust and loyalty. Your customer tells your brand story by being loyal, recommends the product, and your brand universe expands again.

And you can reinforce this again by tying all your channels together. Reward the social share, send them a Direct Message with a discount code to strengthen the relationship. Remember, a Thank You goes a long way. If you can connect with the people engaging with your brand, half the work is already done, and you can do the rest to turn them into more influencers for your brand.